Neal Nelson is the Founder of Creative Cabinetry in Gilroy, California. Serving homeowners, other contractors, property managers, and real estate investors throughout the entire Bay Area specializing in reviving old cabinetry and creating new custom quality cabinetry utilizing natural materials.

“In 1994 I was on a construction job in San Jose and noticed a concrete sidewalk nearby that was stamped with the date of 1957. I was inspired by the quality and condition, after 37 years of use. I decided that day; I would build a company that would be proud to showcase its work and quality. As a result Creative Cabinetry was born.”

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Where Did All This Passion for Cabinetry Come From?

As a young boy, like many young boys, I always had a fascination for building something, really anything. The bigger and the more complex the project, all the better!

I did what my young son does, gather all kinds of scraps of wood and try to make something creative out of them. I would make boxes to stand on, boxes with “secret compartments,” that I then challenged my friends to “find the seam,” along with all kinds of other things.

Once I even decided to make a boat to go fishing in. I made this boat in the shape of Navy boats I had seen on T.V. with a flat bottom and a landing barge front. I remember its maiden voyage, when I took it to the percolation ponds in San Jose. My step brother and I went out under the watchful eye of my step dad. However, I had failed to check the weight that the poor boat would carry. We made it out to the middle of the pond and…… bailed water all the way back, but what an adventure!!

Throughout the years my building became more refined and sophisticated. I researched what kind of nails or glues would hold the best, and how I could make the wood more beautiful through staining, painting and glazing. I began crafting detailed plans, and even progressed to power tools. ~ Now that was cool!

A Cabinet and Wood Expert In The Making...

I then started taking drafting classes and became quite proficient with them. I would design things and try to make them exactly to plan. Sometimes in the early years that was a struggle - which is why I kept reading books, educating myself and refinining my skills.

One of my favorite projects was when I built custom cabinetry for an old U-Haul truck that would be converted to a custom recreational vehicle that I would use to haul my motorcycles in. That vehicle came out stunning. I started slowly to build cabinetry for my own construction projects. Before long the word got out and I was working with other contractors and getting tons of referrals. It was then I knew I belonged in the cabinet manufacturing community.

I have been practicing my trade all my life, but formally now for over 14 years.

I work extensively on space planning, functionality and aesthetics of fine custom cabinetry. My training in computer aided design CAD and free design in conjunction with my years of experience in cabinetry design, as well as being a licensed general contractor of nearly 17 years, gives me the ability to help in the planning process for my clients. I take great pride in each and every one of my creations and still have a great love of woodworking and creating things. I also have a quality team that supports my passion in bringing my clients dreams to life.

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