What should I do first?

The first part of the design process is to contact the office, and set up your free in-home consultation. There is no obligation or expense to you for us to come out and meet with you one-on-one.

If I choose Creative Cabinetry, what will the design process be like?

There are variables to all projects, so I’ll just list some of the common things we do when preparing a job for a client to review and approve:

What color wood & type of cabinetry will best fit me?

There are several schools of thought in determining what color and cabinetry design will be a best fit for you. The sky is the limit, and here are a few ways I typically see people choose:

How can I make my space as beautiful and functional as the shows on television?

I love the experience of designing that special space, kitchen or bath. The space is always as different as each client’s needs, lifestyles, personalities, tastes and life experiences. Who couldn’t love that journey? The destination evolves and is always a different look and feel. We start with what you want, and then make it work for you!

Can you recommend any specific appliances or brands of appliances?

Having extensively worked with many brands, I have a great knowledge base of appliances, in addition to special and new products designed to make your space more beautiful and useable. There are so many different brands offering specific fits to each individual. This is why we take the time to get a feel for your specific needs and only recommend a brand once we are more familiar with your ultimate vision, and budget.

I have a limited budget can you design something to fit my price range. How creative can you get?

It’s all in our name, Creative Cabinetry. I pride myself and our company on finding a fit for any budget. I am usually always able to find solutions to meet budgetary concerns. It’s always best to see what’s available to you - there’s no harm in discovering your options. Sometimes we have great sales on particular woods, and can offer special discounts. It’s worth a call, right?

Should I use wood interiors or melamine interiors?

This is a question that can have many different answers based on what your preference and needs are. Here are some thoughts to consider:

What are the differences between traditional FACE FRAME, EURO or FURNITURE design cabinetry?

This question normally hinges on a specific look. Euro has that sleek minimalistic look, and can have more interior space in certain applications. This is the typical type of cabinetry that is used in garage and utility cabinetry – but, can also be some of the most distinctive and elegant cabinetry in the finest kitchens, baths, and upscale restaurants.

Traditional face frame construction showcases the look of the cabinet wood frame and doors as a focal point. It also has the flexibility of adding countless decorative appliqués to “Dress up the Cabinetry” giving it a unique look.

Furniture style or traditional cabinetry can have special custom legs or feet, flutes and special finishes and can accent a room or space by its standalone presence.

I was told that the finishes here in California are not as good as in other states. Is this true?

This is a myth. A finish is only as good as the preparation, care and application of which the finish product is made with.

Can you recommend any special interior accessories to help me stay organized?

We have a complete line of specialized accessories for any cabinet application, and offer special rollouts and all sorts of creative solutions for cabinet interiors.

Can you help me with the install and complete project?

As a licensed general contractor we can service our client’s needs completely. We also have extensive tried and true relationships with many other reputable local contractors to facilitate, expedite, streamline and complete any size project.

Do you have special soft close drawer guides and doors, what about roll outs?

We DO! Offering a complete line of specialty hardware - from lazy Susan’s, pull out spice racks and drawers, trash and recycle, closet organization systems, door and drawer handles and pulls and many more accessories to make your living space gorgeous and functional.

Didn’t see your question here?

Give us a call at (408) 307-8699 – we’d be happy to answer all your questions!

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